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The registration for a class or workshop with DC POLE has to be done in written form (email or site). With the registration the participant supplies name and mobile-number.  


  • The price is known at the time of registration and doesn’t change during the term.​

  • Cash payment is preferred but can be also made by bank transfer.

  • Payment for a session of 10 classes must be made in cash (or by bank transfer) to the teacher at the beginning of the first class.

  • It’s not possible to choose how many classes you want to do. It’s a 10 classes course only.

  • If you missed some classes, you can get back maximum 2 classes at another course of the same level and only with the teacher agreement.

  • The school refunds if the student is pregnant and presents a medical certificate to the teacher.

  • The school doesn't refund the pole classes in any case except pregnancy!


  • If DC POLE is forced to cancel a class or a workshop, it will offer the students an alternative.

  • Lessons can be made up for if the absence of a lesson gets announced at least 24 hours before the lesson. In order to make up for the missed lessons, other lessons of DC POLE  can be attended if space is available.​


  • The students must listen carefully to the instructions of the teacher and follow them. Students who repeatedly disobey instructions will be asked to leave the class without a refund.

  • All students are under an obligation to inform the teacher of any medical conditions or pregnancy prior to undertaking any classes.

  • The student arrives at the class on time in order to participate in the warm up to reduce the risk of injury. The teacher reserves the right to refuse to allow the student to join the class if not warmed up properly.


In the context of classes or workshops, the student accepts via these terms and conditions, that his/her image is used for promotional purposes. The person not wishing that his/her image is used should mention as soon as possible to the teacher that he does not want to be filmed or photographed.



  • DC POLE is liable for personal injuries at ETHIAS ASSURANCE. 

  • The participants are aware of the fact that the practice of pole dance and stretching can cause bruises, contusions, abrasions etc. Known mental or physical problems that limit the exercises need to be communicated to the course instructor. 

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