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This class is ideal for students who are pole dancing for the first time. Students of all body types, ages and fitness levels are invited to begin their pole journey in our pole virgin level. Experience sexy floor work, pole poses, and basic spins. Learn how to create a flow of energy between the movements. We cover pole safety, which includes proper stretching, hand positioning, posture and movement control. No pole experience required.

This class covers

Basic Body Movement – walking, hip sway, hip circles

Basic Spins – Fireman, Back Hook, Front Hook, Combinations 


You should now have an understanding of basic grips, and feel confident moving around and starting to climb the pole. We'll build on what you covered in beginners and add more grips, moves, climbs and combos and put it all into a fun dance routine.


At beginner 2, you will learn how to spin, climb, move smoothly up and down and all around the pole, and build your strength to prepare you for inversions.

Example moves: Attitude Spin, Boomerang, Headstand, Cross Knee Release, ...


We will build on what you covered in beginner 1 & 2 levels and add more grips, moves, climbs and combos and put it all into a fun dance routine. All students will learn « how to invert properly » on pole from the floor and from the pole.

Example moves: Invert, crucifix, gemini, hello boy


INTER 1 & 2

In this mixed level we focus on developing strength, stamina, and control pole moves.

Be ready to amaze yourself as you learn to defy gravity!

We want to establish strength, control and clean lines in all of our tricks.

We learn the key holds and grips for tricks and combos and give an introduction to spinning pole.

This class covers:

Intermediate Pole Climbing Technique : sit climbs, circus climbs, side climbs and more

Intermediate Inversion Technique : basic invert, leg holds, butterfly variation and shouldermount.


In this class, you will develop confidence with intermediate pole tricks and combos on static poles with an introduction to spin pole.

This class covers:
Grip & Holds for Spin Pole / Climbing and Inversion for Spin Pole / Leg hold combos / Ballerina combos / Spinning pole


We will develop solid aerial combos, safe dismounts, clean lines and deep flexibility.

Pre-Requisites for this class include a strong invert, outside and inside leg holds.

This class covers:

Shoulder Mount Combos / Cupid combos / Jade Split combos / Allegra / Pole Split combos / Brass Monkey / Spinning pole


This class is designed for students who have at least 30 consecutive classes. Experienced pole dancers are invited to join this upward bound pole class. In this class, we defy gravity as we develop an athletic and graceful flow of advanced pole tricks & transitions. This class covers the most advanced techniques in flexibility, strength training and aerial tricks.