Due to new sanitary measures, the studios will be closed until 31 December.



There are 3 different classes and workshops:

  • Free live workshops

  • Live paying classes / workshops

  • Pre-recorded classes


  1. Flexibility

  2. Move this body

From November 12th, there will be 2 free workshops per week streamed on our private Facebook group. The "Flexibility" and "Move this body" workshops are intended for DC POLE students or anyone paying for a class or workshop. You will automatically  added to the private group if you are a new student.

Flexibility - Tuesdays from 18h30 to 19h15

Flexibility  is achievable for everyone. This month-long classes are designed to  increase your mobility, range of motion, and reduce tension across your  body, which is especially important if your goal is to feel more  functional in your daily life! All levels.

Move this body - Thursdays from 18h30 to 19h15

Waiting for life to get back to normal... you're going to get sweaty!

The motto? "Move. Sculpt. Sweat. Repeat. A combo of your own body weight, along with resistance bands and small hand weights are all you need to bring out your inner beast... and your muscles. All levels.


The live paying classes and workshops will be streamed on zoom. The zoom link will be available on your Fitogram customer page but also sent by email 1 hour before the class or workshop..

  1. Pole low flow

  2. Floorwork

  3. Twerk

  4. Chair dance

  5. Sexy pole & floorwork

Pole low flow - Wednesdays 18/11 & 2/12 from 19h30 to 20h30

In  this workshop you will be taught some nice more slow combinations on  the pole combined with smooth floorwork. The slow music will give you the opportunity to make the movements your own and create your own story.

You will need a pole for this workshop. All levels

Floorwork - Saturday 14/11 from 17h30 to 18h30

Would you like to feel sensual and graceful while dancing on the floor? Join us for this workshop and take your floorwork to the next level. All levels. You can dance on pleasers or socks. Don't forget your kneepads.

Twerk - Saturday 21/11 & 12/12 from 17h30 to 18h30

Do you want to feel confident, sexy, feminine and free? Join us... we will learn some basic twerking technics and combine it in a fun and easy choreography. Be prepared to sweat and have lots of fun together. All levels!

Chair dance - Saturday 28/11 & 19/12 from 17h30 to 18h30

During the workshop, the chair will be used as a prop to incorporate sensual dance movements. Learn a specially choreographed chair dance routine that will make you feel sexy, confident, and empowered. All levels!

Sexy pole & floorwork - Saturday 5/12 from 17h30 to 18h30

In  this online class you will learn techniques around and on the pole. We  will start it with a short warm-up and build up the choreography step by  step. Let the music in and find your flow. Improve your dancing and  bring out your feminine, sexy and confident side. Don’t forget your  kneepads, your heels and let’s dance! Min 10 pole lessons!

You will need a home pole for this workshop!


Every Friday from 13/11 will be put online 3 pole dance classes on the plateform Eversport.

All info will be sent in the confirmation email as soon as you register for a course or workshop on Fitogram.
Beginners: for this level, classes will review the basic movements in detail in order to include them in a challenging choreography.
Intermediate: each class will cover 1 movement, a handstand pose, a static routine and a spinning routine in detail.
Advanced: Each class will cover in detail 1 advanced movement, a handstand pose, a static routine and a spinning routine.

- Participants will have until December 23rd to send their video to get detailed feedback from the teachers.
- Videos should be sent to dcpole@hotmail.com and not via Facebook or Whats'app.
- Please make sure you warm up properly before starting the pre-recorded classes. A free "warm-up" video will be available in the video library.

For "Self-made body" online training... follow the link HERE



  • These workshops are open to all in exchange for a credit on Fitogram or a payment by the bank on account

       BE58 3630 1507 7779 / Diana Crista mentioning your name.

  • Each workshop is 12,5€ or 1 credit, lasts 1 hour and will be streamed on zoom. The zoom link will be available on your Fitogram customer page but also sent by email. Each participant is asked to turn off the microphone but leave the camera on so that the teacher can give you feedback. If you have any questions during the lesson, you can turn the microphone back on.

  • If you have credits on your Fitogram account, they will be automatically deducted as soon as you choose an online course except for the "Flexibility" and "Move your body" workshops which are free. For the latter you just have to choose the product "fitness or flexibility" workshops.

  • For students who decide to use ALL their credits by the end of December, they will receive 1 extra credit for attending a workshop as a thank you. To benefit from this bonus credit (to be used until the 19 December, simply send an email to dcpole@hotmail.com.