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This workshop is for people passionate about improving their knowledge and body from within a flexibility practice. 1h30 where you will be offered the warm, soft space to completely and deeply stretch the muscles and joints. Thanks to the musical flow and well thought on exercises your body will feel more spacious and more great... the most deep flexibility!

With more than 35 years of experience
Hélène De Vrieze has been fascinated and passionate about dancing and movement.

Her base starts from a thorough ballet training. She’s always looking for better balanced exercises, in a dancing flow, to enrichen body and mind.

No experience required!

For all ages, all levels and all kind of athletes - polers, dancers, gymnasts...!

WHERE: Danstuin - Tiensestraat 47, 3000 Leuven
PRICE: 25€ or 20€ if you take the 5 workshops

INSTRUCTOR: Hélène De Vrieze by Danstuin
WHAT YOU NEED: comfortable clothes & socks

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