8-21 December

Christmas is nearly there, don’t wait and get yourself a treat…
DC POLE - Leuven organizes 14 workshops to enhance your feminity and sexy attitude and to boost your self-confidence. Don’t miss it !


Sat. 8/12 - 17h30/19h - CHAIR DANCE - 20€
Sun. 9/12 - 10h/12h - POLE PRACTICE - 12€
Tue. 11/12 - 20h30/21h30 - POLE INITIATION - 10€ 
Wed. 12/12 - 19h/20h - BASIC FLEXIBILITY - 12€
Wed. 12/12 - 20h/21h30 - SPLITS/HANDSTANDS ON POLE -20€
Thu. 13/12 - 19h/20h - SAMBA INITIATION - 20€
Thu. 13/12 - 20h/21h - DEEP FLEXIBILITY - 20€…
Fri. 14/12 - 20h15/21h45 - GIRLY RAGGA AFRO - 20€
Sat. 15/12 - 17h30/19h - SEXY POLE & FLOORWORK - 20€
Su. 16/12 - 10h/12h - POLE PRACTICE - 12€
Su. 16/12 - 13h/18h - POLE PHOTOSHOOT - 35€/20min/3poses
Tue. 18/12 - 20h30/21h30 - POLE INITIATION - Leuven- 10€ 
Wed. 19/12 - 19h/20h - BASIC FLEXIBILITY - 12€
Thu. 20/12 - 19h/20h - LAP DANCE - 25€
Fri. 21/12 - 20h15/21h45 - SEXY FLOORWORK - 20€

In this workshop, the chair will be used as a prop to incorporate sensual dance movements. Learn a specially choreographed chair dance routine that will make you feel sexy, confident and empowered.
Time: 8/12 at 17h30-19h
Price: 20€ // No experience required
Instructor: Diana Crista by DC POLE - Leuven
What you need: an outfit in which you feel beautiful and which provides you with easy movement.

Come and get your practice on!
Poles will be up and available to use. Come in and practice what you've learned in class. Participants will share available poles.
Time: 9/12 & 16/12 at 10h-12h
Price: 12€ 

Haven't done a photoshoot before? No worries at all! We will guide you through the whole process so you don't feel like you don't know what you're doing. Don't forget to practice your moves beforehand. An instructor will be present to help you during the photoshoot. Please make sure you are ready and warmed up in time for your slot!
You will receive 3 digital photos fully edited in large format and highest resolution!
Time: 16/12 at 13h-18h
Price: 35€ / 3 poses / 20min // No experience required
PhotographerWilliam Linthout Fotografie
What you need: pole clothes & heels

Pole dance might seem impressive at first but pole dance is accessible to each person whatever their age or fitness level. Pole dance is for all ages and body shapes! A fun and original way to build strength, flexibility and most of all, self-confidence.
Time: 11/12 & 18/12 at 20h30-21h30
Price: 10€ // No experience required
InstructorDC POLE - Leuven
What you need: a pair of shorts, sportbra or t-shirt, no juwelry

Due to our busy lifestyle and stress our body tends to lose its flexibility and submits to the effects of gravity. Designed for adults who want safe, effective ways to increase their flexibility and range of motion, this workshop provides for a full-body flexibility workout. 
Time: 12/12 & 19/12 at 19h-20h
Price: 12€ 
InstructorDC POLE - Leuven
What you need: comfortable clothes

Vertical, horizontal, straddle, many ways can you show off your split on the pole? This workshop will go over a variety of splits without forgetting the handstands tricks.
Time: 12/12 at 20h-21h30
Price: 20€ // Inter-adv level
Instructor: Sophie Bouchet by Pole Plaisure
What you need: a pair of shorts, sportbra or t-shirt, no juwelry

Come and discover the dance that livens Rio's streets up! Sensual and elegant, you will dance Samba on samba music, bossa nova and popular Brazilian music. Very fashionable in Rio de Janeiro and elsewhere in Brazil, it starts now to conquer Europe 
Time: 13/12 at 19h-20h
Price: 20€ // No experience required
InstructorDC POLE - Leuven
What you need: a short or a legging. If you feel comfortable enough you can wear high heels but it’s not obligatory.

One hour where you will be offered the warm, soft space to completely and deeply stretch the muscles and joints. Thanks to the musical flow and well thought on exercises your body will feel more spacious and more great... the most deep flexibility!
With more than 35 years of experience she has been fascinated and passionate about dancing and movement. Her base starts from a thorough ballet training.
She’s always looking for better balanced exercises, in a dancing flow, to enrichen body and mind.
Time: 13/12 at 20h-21h
Price: 20€ // No experience required
Instructor: Hélène De Vrieze by Danstuin
What you need: comfortable clothes

If you want to explore your femininity through dance this workshop is for you: sensuality, technique, musicality and attitude will have no more secrets for you!
It is by alternating the academic and commercial scenes that Luca found his style, merging Girly (more commonly called Jazz Funk, Street Jazz, even Feminine Hip Hop), and Afro with a touch of Contemporary.
Time: 14/12 at 20h15-21h45
Price: 20€ // No experience required
InstructorLuca Minacapelli
What you need: leggings, socks, sneakers


You will learn techniques around and on the Pole. We will start it with a short and intense warm-up and build up the exercises step by step. Let the music in and find your flow. Improve your dancing and bring out your feminine, sexy and confident side. 
Time: 15/12 at 17h30-19h
Price: 20€ 
Instructor: Diana by DC POLE - Leuven
What you need: kneepads, leggings, heels or socks

This is by far the sexiest Santa-workshop you'll ever experience, and we guarantee you it will be a blast and lots of fun! You will learn lap transitions, sensual floorwork and everything needed to make you look & feel like a 'naugthy Christmas Elf'.  Plus loads of tips for a successful lap dance! Santa never came so early... 
Time: 20/12 at 19h-20h
Price: 25€ // No experience required
Instructor: Marleen Cousin from Poledance Antwerp
What you need: sexy X-mas clothes (a Santa/Christmas hat might come in handy), heels allowed but not obligatory

Ready to make your dancing more sexy or maybe you simply want to feel more graceful and fluid? In this workshops, you will learn how to add sexy to the most basic floor work by learning a fully choreographed routine on the floor.
Time: 21/12 at 20h15-21h45
Price: 20€ // No experience required
Instructor: Diana by DC POLE - Leuven
What you need: socks, leg warmers, knee pads, long sleeves 

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