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How about starting the year by focusing on your shoulders?


If you are a pole dancer, your biggest goal is probably to have strong and flexible shoulders so that you can safely progress to pole. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, this shoulder-focused program will help you to build healthy, flexible and strong shoulders. These exercises are the key to progress safely and functionally while reducing the risks of injury!


The online "BOOST YOUR SHOULDERS" program is a 5 weeks step-by-step training to optimize your shoulder health and minimize the injury risks caused by pole dancing. It will teach you how to improve mobility and to build a strong foundation for the correct functioning of your shoulders and your shoulder blades.

  • 5-week long program with minimal material.

  • For all levels no matter where you are in your pole journey or whatever your physical fitness level is.

  • Simple and detailed step-by-step instruction videos.

  • Prevent future shoulder injury.

  • Improve your stability and mobility to maximize your pole dance performance.

  • Increase range of motion and improve strength.

  • Learn proper muscle activation.

  • 5 online live classes

  • Lifetime program


Let’s do this program together online!

DATE: 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 January from 19h-20h30

PRICE: 65€

What do you need: an elastic band, a tennis ball and a foam roll

If you have already purchased the shoulder program, you can participate in the online sessions for free.

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